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Author’s Website:Take a Bite Part 1

In keeping up with social media today’s post is about having your own blog. This is for the ones who have not yet started and are uncertain about what to do. But it is also for the new people on board with this platform

When I first decided to start my blog I went back and forth for two months due to pure fear of failing at this which would impact my writing. Visiting the various sites that host blogs I came to WordPress primarily due to it being free. But after checking out the other sites this one was just as up to date with how to decorate one’s wall. Plus it was really easy to put together.

The hardest thing was to come up with THE name. That will stop people in their tracks. My theme has always been two-fold. The first being where I am from which is New England. The second the word muse and all that comes with it if you know about the nine muses of Greek mythology. So I just combine the two. Now what?

I set my page to private as I worked around the widgets, themes, colors and pictures trying to find the right fit for me. The fact this was an option gave me free rein to play around for as long as it took until I felt satisfied with what I had.

You have to decide what the overall theme will be for your website. Will it be strictly for writing and promoting your brand or will it be a combination of both. I do the combo for that what works for me. Some people have web pages for each book they write and that is fine, what works for you works for you. My preference is to keep it simple with just one. But with that you have to be concise and not clutter your page with items that don’t lift you up. My posts varies from writings and the peril that goes with it to goofy light fun reads. I hope they come out fun anyway.

When I first started I had all the widgets out there in full force for people to check me out. As a new writer trying to make it this is not such a good idea. Clutter is not your friend. So I started cutting back. The parts that should be on your page is how people can reach you. For example if you have a Facebook page or Twitter account these should be up front and near the top. Also if you want people to subscribe to your blog it is a good idea to put this near the top as well. You want people to connect with you and placing it at the bottom some people may miss. Heck some people have told me they won’t bottom scrolling to the bottom of a page just to click like or subscribe. This is something we can ill afford.

If your subscription number is high or the amount of traffic is then by all means promote that. If you are new and just starting out and the numbers are low, you might want to wait until it has the wow factor.

How often do we post is up to us. Some people have a set amount per week and on certain days like clockwork. I like to change things up, while I will post twice a week it is never on the same day. Just another way we can personalize our author web page to how it suits us.

Part two of this post will be posted within the next few days. As always if you have any questions just ask.

Inspiring Blog Award

While I was away my good friend Lisa nominated me for the Inspiring Blog Award.

Thank you Lisa, http://lifewithchocolateandcoffee.wordpress.com .

The rules say that you need to thank and link back whoever nominated you. Then you must list seven things about yourself and then try to nominate 15 other people for the award. We know the rules are not set in stone so will nominate 10.

Seven things about me

1.) I am from Maine

2.) I love Stephen King, James Patterson and Agatha Christie

3.) I am owned by eight birds, one husband and a son.

4.) I just learned how to make morning slippers.

5.) I am a budding photographer.

6.) I love taking classes at the community college near by.

7.) I love watching horror movies.

People I nominate

1-Jolea M. Harrison



4-Kate Policani

5-Writing Sisters



8/May Torres



Like Like Like

With the new updates and additions to WordPress comes some pretty cool stuff. The latest is informing members when they have x amount of followers, likes and post.

Last week I got my little star saying that my blog has received 200 likes. Now that may not seem like a lot but for me I think its woohoo and all those cool words people use when something neat happens.

I am still learning how to perfect or make a blog that is presentable and generally friendly to those who comes across it. The fact 200 of you have liked some of the posts that have been presented here makes me feel really good.

I am not just talking out of the side of my head. The posts I place here people seem interested in reading.  The work that I been doing here is not going unnoticed.

Thank you every one for the time you take to read my post and the extra time to click like. You all made my day.