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With the new updates and additions to WordPress comes some pretty cool stuff. The latest is informing members when they have x amount of followers, likes and post.

Last week I got my little star saying that my blog has received 200 likes. Now that may not seem like a lot but for me I think its woohoo and all those cool words people use when something neat happens.

I am still learning how to perfect or make a blog that is presentable and generally friendly to those who comes across it. The fact 200 of you have liked some of the posts that have been presented here makes me feel really good.

I am not just talking out of the side of my head. The posts I place here people seem interested in reading.  The work that I been doing here is not going unnoticed.

Thank you every one for the time you take to read my post and the extra time to click like. You all made my day.

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