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Screenwriters are amazing but infuriating

Screenwriters are a breed of writers that make us laugh, cry and get angry. They give us movies that will invoke all kinds of emotions.

But as you are watching a movie, do you ever wonder at some of the lines you hear?

One of my favorites is when someone hears a noise, and that person turns to their friend. “What is that?” to “Who’s out there?”

How in the blue hell do they know? Did you not come down from the same staircase at the same time? Is the villain going to say loud and clear, “It is I, the bad guy of the movie coming to kill you.”

I know you can come up with other lines that make you wonder.

Being a screenwriter is a bit different than other writers. You have to say so much that the actors will convey on film. But can you give the audience some credit that they have some sense?

I know my family is getting tired of me fussing at the TV when I hear a line or see a scene and have to say something.

There are times my mind can wrap the brain around a script and enjoy the movie. But if it is missing key components that stalls my brain in accepting all that is on the screen, my mind will wander. After that happens, I will start looking at the reasons why it does not work.

Movie tickets are not cheap. How about giving us a little more than worn-down lines that every genre in film leans on? How about doing a better job in writing it out? A good actor can make most films sing from the rooftop. But they can only do so much regardless of how talented they are.