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Release date: “Jasper, Amazon Parrot: A Rainforest Adventure”


I have come up with a release date for my book, “Jasper, Amazon Parrot: A Rainforest Adventure”. The magical day is September 7th of this year. Unless of course something monstrous occurs.  Just typing that sentence about the date and reading it out loud makes me all warm inside. I plan on buying every version of the book from ebook, to soft copy to hard copy. I want it all!

This has been a long journey and I’m now seeing the fruits of my labor of time, energy and endless meetings with fellow writers whether that be online or in real life.

I look at my bird Jasper and I tell him all the time, “Jasper you are going to be big, I tell ya big. Everyone will be talking about you.” What he normally does is bend his head so I can pat him. The reward for giving me the material for the book. So long I give him plenty of shelled almonds he and I are good.

Now if I can only figure out how to get him to sign the book, then that be perfect.