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Book Reviewer

indexI’ve been a book reviewer since 2010 when I started with Booksneeze. The way it works is simple. I receive a book for free in exchange for two honest reviews. One of which I place on a blog the other on a commercial site. This relationship has worked well for me over the years. I get a free book and as an avid reader this is just so full of win. From that came authors asking for me to review their books.

I am not sure how the word got out but people keep me busy with their request. However I have slowed down since my own book was released in September of this year. Time has not been my friend since then. But I know now after all these years I can’t just say out loud, “ Does anyone have a book they like me to review,” and not expect it to bite me in the butt. I did that this past July and ended up with nine request which was a lot prior to my book coming out. Lesson learned. I had broken my rule of thumb which was never go over five books at a time on my list. Though that number might need to be adjusted and lowered. There is just too much going on right now.

There are so many authors needing their books to be read and reviewed. I am one of them now, a member of this collective. I need to toss my hat into the ring and have people do this for me as well. That is a daunting task for me. But with all of this I miss reviewing books.

So I made my way to Booksneeze and snagged A.L. Shields new book, “The Church Builder” and am thoroughly enjoying it. While I am an author I started off as a reader, a fanatic one at that since the age of six. May I never lose sight of that. I love it too much.

Book Reviewer and Author


I been a book reviewer for Booksneeze since 2010. Since then I have recently joined Crazy for Books as one of their reviewers. Along the way word has gotten out and now author will contact me if I would review their books. I always give them the link to how I go about reviewing novels. I don’t stray from the rules for after this length of time this is what works for me. Even though I don’t get paid I take this job very seriously.

As an author reviewing books has been a bonus for me. I get to read different genres apart from the one I write in or read as well. It helps me to be more careful and to take my time in not rushing through a submission. Any review I put up there will affect the person who wrote the book. So hence the time I take in reading each book to the end. I also will always find something positive to say about the book. Especially in the ones that is truly not well written or got me sleeping midway. I see no point in bashing the writer from start to finish. There is always a gem in each book I read always.

It is not always easy for no matter how you try to do a good job there will be those who are not happy with you. I reviewed one book and rated it a four. The author said to me well if that is all you are going to give me I will take it. I have had another author tell me AFTER I read the book if I can’t give it more than a three to not bother reviewing it. That was how I was going to rate it , a three. After those two incidents I came up with my “rules” in how I review a book and I don’t stray from that ever.

2013-08-12 08.28.43

This helps me be a better critiquer for my writing groups. It has shown me to not rush through a piece, to say something constructive and positive about the novel. All this helps me with my own writing and others I edit. It is hard when I edit or critique someone I personally know for it is only natural to want to say something nice and rate them a five-star. But that is not doing them any favor at all. If one is polite and point the good and bad I think job well done. That is what every author should hope for. Someone who doesn’t gush over stories, unless of course it is awesome, just due to familiarity with the reviewer.

I just hope when it is time for people to review my own book they follow a similar way of doing it like I do.

The Books We Read

I stated earlier this year that I run a book club in my area. A list of what we had read since the group started in the Spring of 2009 was created so there would be no duplications. We have had books from a variety of genres, age groups and topics. It has been a great experience for me personally to share the love of reading with others. Looking at the list I’m amazed and proud of the group.

Here is the list.

1-The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter- Carson McCullers

2-Graceling- Kristin Cashore

3-Illustrated Man- Ray Bradbury

4-The Art Of Racing in the Rain- Garth Stein

5-Bloodwork- Michael Connelly

6-The Physick Book Of Deliverance Dane-Katherine Howe

7-The Memory Keeper’s Daughter- Kim Edwards

8-Slam-Nick Hornby

9-Lacemakers of Glenmara- Heather Barbieri

10-The Peculiar Memories of Thomas Penman-Bruce Robinson

11-Bastard out of North Carolina-Dorothy Allison

12-The World According to Garp-John Irving

13-My Melancholy Whore-Gabriel Garcia Marquez

14-Good Omen-Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

15-Dog on It-Spencer Quinn

16-Wicked-Gregory Maguire

17-The Thirteenth Tale-Diane Setterfield

18-Life of Pi-Yann Martel

19-American Gods-Neil Gaiman

20-A Million Little Pieces-James Frey

21-The Reader-Bernard Schlink

22-To Kill A Mockingbird-Harper Lee

23-Memoirs of a Geisha-Arthur Golden

24-The House on Mango Street-Sandra Cisneros

25-The Road-Cormac McCarthy

26-Fried Green Tomatoes-Fannie Flagg

27-Lovely Bones-Alice Sebold

28-Mother Road-Dorothy Garlock

29-The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo-Stieg Larrson

30- Holes-Louis Sachar

31-The Last Lecture-Randy Pausch

32-Grand Delusion-Matt Witten

33- One For The Money- Janet Evanovich

34- Run For Your Life-James Patterson