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indexI’ve been a book reviewer since 2010 when I started with Booksneeze. The way it works is simple. I receive a book for free in exchange for two honest reviews. One of which I place on a blog the other on a commercial site. This relationship has worked well for me over the years. I get a free book and as an avid reader this is just so full of win. From that came authors asking for me to review their books.

I am not sure how the word got out but people keep me busy with their request. However I have slowed down since my own book was released in September of this year. Time has not been my friend since then. But I know now after all these years I can’t just say out loud, “ Does anyone have a book they like me to review,” and not expect it to bite me in the butt. I did that this past July and ended up with nine request which was a lot prior to my book coming out. Lesson learned. I had broken my rule of thumb which was never go over five books at a time on my list. Though that number might need to be adjusted and lowered. There is just too much going on right now.

There are so many authors needing their books to be read and reviewed. I am one of them now, a member of this collective. I need to toss my hat into the ring and have people do this for me as well. That is a daunting task for me. But with all of this I miss reviewing books.

So I made my way to Booksneeze and snagged A.L. Shields new book, “The Church Builder” and am thoroughly enjoying it. While I am an author I started off as a reader, a fanatic one at that since the age of six. May I never lose sight of that. I love it too much.

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