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Do you have business cards?

Do you have a business card? If not, why? After all if you are a writer that is a business When you start making connections and going to conferences it is a heck of a lot easier to whip out a card then to place your contact information on a scrap of paper to give to someone. Not to mention it is more professional.

There are many places one can get a card whether that is locally or online. My place is Vistaprint since they are forever running sales on their products. When I received my fist box it felt like a confirmation in what I did. Over the years I have added additional designs to my business cards collection, each one changing as I have grown.

But that is all well and good but what do you place on a card? What do you have that others might want or need? I would start with what can you do, offer or basically what do you bring to the table? Even if you are still new you have a lot to offer. You are a writer and if you are part of a writer’s group you can be a critquer or do book reviews. Anything that can help you brand yourself is a good place to start.

The next time someone asks for you card you will be ready instead of searching for a scrap of paper or pen to write your contact information down which has a good chance of being tossed out by accident.



Do you have the motivation to write?


How do you stay motivated to write? There are so many distractions especially if we stay home. You have the fridge, the TV and of course the couch and bed. From the people I know around me they tend to go to a coffee shop or a library where their access to comfort is not within reach. But then we have the lovely smart phone. We convince ourselves we will be on just one minute, I will just check one post or make one comment and before you know it an hour if not more has gone by.

So how do you stay focus to write or do any of the hundreds of things that is involved when you are a writer? I have had two people tell me this year already that I am their inspiration and motivation. To be blunt I keep writing or stick to it in comparison to them Their words.Frankly I was surprised when I heard them tell me this.

How do I do it? I normally write my stories by hand the old fashion way with a notebook and smart pen. But still if I do it in front of the TV that can take my mind off it. I know one thing that helps is the WIPs I have. I love and am excited to see how it unfolds. Perhaps your story has stalled. Perhaps writer’s block has reared its ugly head.

What do you want out of your writing? What do you want to accomplish? Maybe write down your goals and hopes for your story and list what you need to do to get to that point. I give myself deadlines that I do my best to stick to.

Finding motivation for anything is not always easy for life always finds ways to interrupt that. But aren’t your characters crying out to you? Mines do.

Testimonials: My clients

I’m a developmental editing, coach for writers and a few things in between depending on what my client needs. I asked two of them if they would be willing to give a testimony for how I helped them.

Joanna- She is a first time author and needed help from how to structure the book as far as critiquing it for her, to navigating social media so she could get an author’s platform and help her navigate the road to finding a publisher.

I have seen classes offered titled “What to do once you’ve written a book” or I’ve written a book, now what?” In my case, I needed help before even completing the book. Having never set out to be a writer, or taken any sort of formal instruction in writing, I knew I had some ideas that needed to be put on paper, but that was the extent of my knowledge. Enter Sharon Williams.

I knew Sharon socially, and knew that she was a published author. I asked if she would be willing to mentor me and explained what I was trying to accomplish (a non fiction book). Sharon took me through what I needed to do. She was there for every step that I needed her on, and didn’t hover. She served as a beta reader, introduced me to writing groups for more beta readers, discussed the importance of editors, etc. She also told me what was fair price when dealing with editors (something I would not have known) and what to expect from them. She did so much more to help during the writing process, sometimes even providing the push I needed to make myself write. Once the manuscript was written and edited, she taught me how to solicit agents and publishers. She explained how important social media for self-promotion was, and gave me a list of suggested social media sites and sample schedule to keeping them updated. She helped me design my blog/author site, both the visual and technical aspects. She was my first call when I got a publisher (I attribute that to her and my editors’ work. Yes, that’s plural. I had several editors.)

If you’re reading this and thinking “wow, that’s a lot of work to write a book” I can tell you IT IS, but with Sharon Williams helping you, it will go much more smoothly. She is a wealth of information on not only writing, but also what you do once you have your work written. I would not hesitate to recommend Sharon as a mentor or beta reader.


Steve- He already has manuscripts written. What he needed was for me to go over it as a developmental editor to tell him what worked, what didn’t, where the pace and flow needed to be fixed, character development and things like that.

Ms. Williams is a talented editor/reviewer. I was quite fortunate to use her services in reviewing my newest novel, The Borrowed Princess. I found her to be especially adept at pointing out plot inconsistencies, need for more character development and spotting the need for more (or less) back story lines. She is also capable in the more traditional role of editor for spotting errors like spelling or run-on sentences. I recommend her and hope she will be available for this role the next time I get ready to publish.