My computer and printer are females

I believe my computer and printer are both female. Yes, I know. But give me a few minutes to explain why.

Whenever my computer acts up, in any and all way, I end up being frustrated or ticked off. Afterwards I will go over the things I have learned on how to fix a computer. I have an amazing computer talented person in this house to help me. But I always give it a try just in case it is something small that I can figure out to not feel stupid when he fixes it and it is something small.

When that fails I ask for help. And it never fails to amaze me how he will sit down at my desktop and just figure it out and sometimes quickly. Grateful? Yes. Annoyed? Yes.

For example I have problems with my printer. It doesn’t always print when I ask it to. Sometimes it takes minutes and sometimes it never even prints unless I turn it off and on a number of times. My talented one will sit in my chair print a random page and viola it prints to which I get the look.

My computer one day kept shutting off or freezing up. I rebooted, That didn’t solve it. I updated the software and all that. Nothing. I searched online, which is such a terrible idea for this subject matter, and still nothing.

He either haa the magic touch, and with computers he does, or my computer and printer are frankly and obviously females. It won’t work for me but always works for him.



This book or movie is based on a true story: But how much really?


You have seen the movies where it says the following is based on a true story. I use to be impressed with that expecting that the movie would be upfront and accurate from the story they took it from . That came tumbling down with the first of the Jason Bourne movies. Walking out of the movie theater I asked my husband, who had read the book, how accurate was it. He said, “ My name is Jason Bourne.” He then proceeded to walk to our vehicle. Catching up I inquired more of how it was accurate. He said that is it. I think I remember that line correctly.

How true do you want your book to be? How much do you want it to be accurate to a story or headline you are writing it from? As writers or movie makers we can take a wide leap and a huge circle of license to complete the story line.

Now when I hear this statement I take it with a grain of salt. When a movie is based on a book if it is decent enough I will go back to the book and read to see how much they used versus how much they changed the outcome.

It does come down to the artist and how they want to proceed with the project. But it be nice if they write that it is based on a true story that a portion of it is accurate and not just the statement alone.

One of these things is not like the other: Vanity press


I came across two curse words in one of my readings. The curse words, well to me, is vanity press. When I was first starting out I had no problem having them contact me. There are a variety of these publishers out there.

You can either be traditional, self published or both. Then you have the vanity houses. But not all publishing houses are the same. Some will ask for money up front. This is also known as vanity press. To be honest they are not interested in what your book is about or if it has promise. They are about the money and how they can get you to work with them, for them and eventually pay them.

Knowing about them early on gave me better protection. However, the last few months I have been hearing writers talk about them like it is a good thing. Let me say up front if this is where you want to go then hey it’s your money. But the bottom line is there are so many other avenues to getting your work out there.

You have traditional and self publishing which continues to evolve as the years go by. Stigmas on either has also evolves some for the better some not so much. But there is not a need to spend hard earn money to get your book out. Not every writer has the funds to do so, and even if the desire to get your book out is strong and it is for all of us, be careful where you place your baby.

It took you a long time to write it, edit it, revise it, edit it again, revise it again and finally get it in the best shape you can get it in. Why place it in the hands of people who to be quite blunt don’t care about your storyline but more about your wallet.