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Social Platform Pictures


Finding a free picture for one’s social platform can be tricky. The ones I do want tend to have a copyright attached to it or there are things you need to do if you want to use it if you can at all. A good way to work around that is just take your own pictures. That is what I have been doing lately. It is easier and there are no strings attached.

But it hit me after I posted a few pictures of my birds and some scenery that people could easily be taking my pictures for what ever reason. While that is not a big deal to me, some pictures I do want to protect. Asking my editor how she © her photos, I tried what she suggested. No such luck. She uses Windows while my OS of choice is Linux. To talk about why I switched quite a number of years ago would be another post all on its own.

But a wonderful thing called Google gave me some videos on how to protect my special pictures. It is quite easy, takes just a few minutes and voilà I am in business. Granted I won’t be © every photo I take, just the ones I share that are special to me and the family.

I have been a budding photographer for a while now, my husband and I both are. But I have stepped it up a notch especially since my new freelance writing and photography job came about. This is such a fun hobby. My husband will take pictures of people, while I am more a scenery kind of girl. That is until I noticed there is a contest in town where they are asking for people in the community photos. I did snag a few this weekend and have submitted them already. If nothing else, I got outside in the fresh air for a couple of hours at a local park that had a hiking path and got some exercise. And even more wonderful, I believe I have found a new writing spot for me to get motivated at. Win.



Marketing: Small Places



When you’re starting out as an author the idea of marketing yourself, whether you are self published or traditionally published, can get a bit scary. One has to think of anything that can help. A local theater in town is now hosting local writers in their lobby. All that is required is a few copies of one’s book and a framed picture. Fortunately I knew one of the actress who is also a fellow author. I was able to showcase my book for a few weeks to the patrons of the arts.

This is a different avenue and one that would never have come across my desk if I didn’t know my friend. But it just shows to think outside the box and don’t strictly go with conventional marketing. Every piece that can give the opportunity to show your works should be considered, even the ones that you have not thought of yet.


Hobbies Part 2

My two newest hobbies are knitting and drawing. In May of this year I signed up for my first drawing class ever. While I was the weakest link in the class I definitely can say I made major strides from the first day to the last. I enjoyed it so much I am now taking the second part and love it. It may take a while before I am at a decent level. In that first class the instructor had us do a pre-instructional drawing. I just have to refer to that sheet as a reminder that I am improving.

This past summer when I was in Maine I had my mother show me how to knit home-made slippers. A tradition in our family that I always wanted to learn. Knitting may seem old fashion to some but it is soothing and so relaxing. It keeps me calm for I have to stay focus so I don’t mess up. These two latest editions to my list of hobbies have just added more things to enjoy and do when I need to unwind.

My list continues to watching movies, listening to music, working on my flowers and plants, and exercising. I am also an avid sports fan. For sure I am leaving some out. These are all things that keep my life full and active. Life is so chaotic as it is. When my son leaves the house for good as he makes his way I don’t want to get into a slump of depression. Though I will have a degree of that. But with the things that make me happy and keep me moving at least I will have options on things to do.

So is there such a thing as having too many hobbies? I guess that all depends on the individual. Every time the college catalogue comes out I scan to see what is being offered.  I am not trying to see what I might take. What I am figuring out is what will be my next amazing experience in something that I have zero clue in.

All in all hobbies not only helps us grow and learn but it can also define a part of us. It shows people and ourselves what we are about, what we like and who we are to some degree. Every one needs a hobby or two or three. I hope you have a number of them like I do. For when we are in a good place then our family is in a good place as well as the people who come in contact with us. Life is good, it really is but it is amazing when you break out and reach for a hobby. Especially one that is so far out of your comfort zone. In that you discover something about you which you might never have before.