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Finding a free picture for one’s social platform can be tricky. The ones I do want tend to have a copyright attached to it or there are things you need to do if you want to use it if you can at all. A good way to work around that is just take your own pictures. That is what I have been doing lately. It is easier and there are no strings attached.

But it hit me after I posted a few pictures of my birds and some scenery that people could easily be taking my pictures for what ever reason. While that is not a big deal to me, some pictures I do want to protect. Asking my editor how she © her photos, I tried what she suggested. No such luck. She uses Windows while my OS of choice is Linux. To talk about why I switched quite a number of years ago would be another post all on its own.

But a wonderful thing called Google gave me some videos on how to protect my special pictures. It is quite easy, takes just a few minutes and voilà I am in business. Granted I won’t be © every photo I take, just the ones I share that are special to me and the family.

I have been a budding photographer for a while now, my husband and I both are. But I have stepped it up a notch especially since my new freelance writing and photography job came about. This is such a fun hobby. My husband will take pictures of people, while I am more a scenery kind of girl. That is until I noticed there is a contest in town where they are asking for people in the community photos. I did snag a few this weekend and have submitted them already. If nothing else, I got outside in the fresh air for a couple of hours at a local park that had a hiking path and got some exercise. And even more wonderful, I believe I have found a new writing spot for me to get motivated at. Win.



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