Marketing: Small Places



When you’re starting out as an author the idea of marketing yourself, whether you are self published or traditionally published, can get a bit scary. One has to think of anything that can help. A local theater in town is now hosting local writers in their lobby. All that is required is a few copies of one’s book and a framed picture. Fortunately I knew one of the actress who is also a fellow author. I was able to showcase my book for a few weeks to the patrons of the arts.

This is a different avenue and one that would never have come across my desk if I didn’t know my friend. But it just shows to think outside the box and don’t strictly go with conventional marketing. Every piece that can give the opportunity to show your works should be considered, even the ones that you have not thought of yet.


2 thoughts on “Marketing: Small Places”

  1. I attend any & every event I can find either with my publisher or without. As you say any event offering author’s space is good. One this year was an event providing local residents fun stuff to do with their free time. Their was sports, crafts and organizations present. I count each event as a success, even without sales, because it brings awareness to my work, those of my fellow authors, and my writing circle. ( )

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