2013: My Writing Journey


The year 2013 will soon be behind us. It’s time to reflect on how it treated us and to gather new hopes and dreams for 2014. I was fortunate as an author, 2013 was my best year since I started this venture.

March– My book, “Jasper, Amazon Parrot: A Rainforest Adventure” was picked up by a publisher.

April– Attended a conference in Wadesboro which left me with contacts.

May– I released my short story, “Root Canal” which was my first attempt at self publishing.

September– My book was released on the market.

November– Volunteered at a writer’s conference in town. The first of its kind.

November– I received my first royalty check as an author.

November– I completed NaNoWriMo successfully for the third straight year

November– I was one of seven people in my county to win a literary grant from the local arts council.

December– The Wonder Chicks, a writing group I formed, released the anthology, “Dragons In The

Attic” which was amazing.

December– My book, “Jasper, Amazon Parrot: A Rainforest Adventure was featured with local artists at a small theater in town. The new project for them.

My Jasper has been sold in Denmark, England, Scotland and the US. The reviews have made me feel I did good when it comes to this book. I’m not sure how I can improve on this. What I do now is I won’t be slowing down. My projects for 2014 that I know of are:

-Edit and revise the sequel to my Jasper series

-Edit and revise my NaNoWriMo book that won in 2011

-Start writing volume three to my Jasper series

-Release my true story, “Squirrel Mafia” in Feb/March

-………………(Always have writing projects)

I will be attending a conference in February and April if all goes according to plans and possibly one in November if funding comes through. I’m not sure about NaNoWriMo for I have three books that have won and are all waiting impatiently for me to edit them for submission. I will see as November comes closer.

It has been a hectic year between health issues, family, and life in general. But it has been amazing when I think of how far I have come and how fortunate I have been. Oddly it took all of this for me to say to myself. “You’re an author.” And for me to actually believe it.

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