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I was recently interviewed

I was interviewed online by the lovely Robin this week. Interviews are a great way to show your brand and self to the world. It is a chance for you to shout out, “Here I am!”

Back in the day, being interviewed by magazines, tv, and radio was different. It was not always easy to secure those spots.

The internet has given us a new avenue to have a spotlight shined on us.

There are many sites online looking for people to interview. It is a good marriage.

So, here is part of the interview with the link at the bottom if you want to read the rest.


Name or pseudonym: Sharon C. Williams

What genre/s do you write in, and why? I write in comedy, short stories, children, and drama.

I learned early to write on what I know. Well, that is what I had read from books and told from other authors.

Some of my novels come from observations around my home. Since I knew the specific topics they pertained to, it seemed like a place to begin.

Drama is a genre I wanted to try. I no longer feel I should stick to what I know. I’m excited to try out new genres in hopes of challenging me.

When did you begin writing, and was it something you’ve always wanted to do? As an avid reader, I always considered authors magical people I would place high up. I was in awe at how they transformed words into chapters and a story and weaved them perfectly.

I came to writing in my early 40ties. It was something that kind of fell into my lap. I never thought of writing before.

My husband had told a friend of mine earlier that he felt I wrote well. Upon her telling me this, I thought to myself, “Why not?” 

I started seriously writing in the Fall of 2009. I had a story in my head that would not let me rest. Having two surgeries at the end of 2009, non-related, gave me a lot of free time to put to paper the story.

What type of research goes into your writing? My children’s series is in the Amazon rainforest, to which I knew next to little.

Wanting the books to be educational and enjoyable, I researched the rainforest for months for the trees, animals, and plants. I have gone through at least half a dozen links to get the information right. I check links, books, and videos.

I want kids to learn, and by learning, maybe get engaged in the plight of the rainforest. I do this for the various genres I write. I want to be as accurate as I can.

I will also read books by authors who write in the same genres. Especially a new genre. I want to see how they go about the different aspects of that particular genre.

I have watched a variety of webinars to learn in any way to progress my writing.

Here is the link for the rest:

How many ideas do you have for novels?: Even if you never get to write them all

How many ideas do you have as an author? At this point, I have just way too many. There is no way I can write them all out before I am long gone. So, why do I keep adding thoughts and ideas to my bulging notebooks?

It’s what we do as writers. It might be the one that excites us in ways the other ideas have not.

Once I started writing, I had one idea. I was okay with that at the time since I was writing. I know a local writer who is working on her first book. When asked what other ideas were percolating, she stated this was her only idea. She was okay with that to write one book. Yes, the room went silent.

Another local author stated the same thing, but being around the group and other writers, she soon started to compile ideas and since have written another book.

It is contagious once you write an article, short story, novella to a full-length book. For us, once the writing bug has hit, it does not go away, if ever, regardless of how many ideas for books we will never get to write.

What languages are your books in?

How many languages do you speak? It does not have to be fluent. At the moment, my Jasper, Amazon parrot series is in Spanish and Portuguese.

Or so I thought.

Someone asked me for a link to my books. Upon doing so, I found the image above. My book is now in Italian. I was happily surprised and a bit shock. Italian?

Now I don’t speak Spanish, Portuguese or Italian, but I intend on buying copies, if possible, of each language to have. Yes, I won’t be able to read them, LOL, but that is fine.

Jasper keeps on flying to areas for children to read and learn about the Amazon rainforest, the animals inside, and the problems they encounter.

I hope they enjoy and become passionate about the region and find a love for reading that will propel them to endless adventure through my books and others.

We are excited to see what other languages the books will Jasper will have.

May we be pleasantly surprised in the future.