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Do you take a break from writing?

Do you ever take a break from writing? I am not talking about if one is on vacation, the day gets away from you, and more.

I have had to take a break from writing due to an injury to my writing hand. Because that is how life works, it is always your dominant hand. LOLOL

So this month has been slow going. At first, I would heal a bit and then take a break. Eventually, I told myself I needed to stop until it got better. I was frustrated.

It made me think of the topic of this post. It also made me think of how I rarely take a break from writing. It gives me such a boost in a few ways.

But what makes you all take a break? Do you do it willingly, or do you have to?

Taking a break can be a good thing. Time away can make one refocus on the aspects of writing, such as plotting, character development, and setting. It can give y our hands time from the rigor of typing repeatedly and sitting in front of a computer. A break can be time to focus on family and other things you need to do or activities you enjoy.

At the beginning of this year, I told myself if I could write or do some form of writing, marketing, and edits 75% each month, that would be good enough for me. It has worked until this month when I am hen pecking things on my phone or computer.

The longer I am in this field, the more the view evolves on how I work on my craft. The more I’m okay with taking a break from it.

Vanity Press: Is it right for you?

A local writer I know told me a bit ago that she went through a vanity press publisher. I made a face of disgust before I could stop myself. I asked if it worked. The reply was yes, and that is all that matters.

The definition of a vanity press is, in short: A vanity press, also known as a subsidy press, is a company that offers publishing services for a fee.

When I started looking for publishers, I had a few contact me. I declined, having researched various publishers before,

Even if I had the money, I could not honestly give it to a company for them to publish my book. I could do what they were offering on my own. I figured it would simply take longer. Also, I did not have the funds. If I had the money, I feel I would have declined, but I will never know. It is not easy getting a book published, let alone writing a book.

When it was my time, I researched the various ways to get my manuscript published. The research is free. A writer may find out what works better for them. It could be a vanity press. Check it out first before you fork over your hard earn money,

What they can charge you can include editing, reading fee, and book covers. If you are not inclined to do any of this or prefer not to do it, this could be the way to go. It does suit some authors who are happy with a vanity press.

All I am saying is to check it out first. It took you a lot of time to start and complete your book. You worked hard to get it finished. You want it in the best hands possible, wherever that might be.

Since it is a long road, vanity presses are around and will continue to bill authors large sums of money. Don’t bet the farm on this, especially if you can ill afford to.

Do you critique other people’s works?: You should

Do you critique other writers?

We are not going to find all the errors on our own. Finding like-minded people to read over our works is a valuable tool.

Why should you read others? You will want people to return the favor and help you out as you are helping them out. It will also strengthen your writing as you see how others do it, mistakes that you find in theirs you might be doing as well.

Not just that, but the camaraderie of being with other writers is such a big boost. Who else gets what it takes to write a novel?

But as you are going over the works, do you give a positive? It should not all be about what this writer did wrong. We need to know where we got it right to know we got it right. Would you want that from someone else?

I have been in a meeting where the writers would drone on about what I did wrong. It came to a point where I said out loud to no one in particular, “Good grief, did I do anything right?”

I hadn’t meant it to be loud, but people heard me. Quickly, a few offered where I had gotten things right. It should not have taken me to express myself for that to happen.

Like anything else, we are humans, and to go on repeatedly what we are doing wrong won’t be met with open arms and happy hearts.

If you critique, find something the person did right. It will lift them. After all, how would you feel if this happened to you?

I would suspect not very good.