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A Literary Grant




Last month I heard of a grant being offered by the local art council. It included people in the literary field. The goal is to help artist get to the next level of their career and what they would need to obtain it. YAY!

The problem was the time frame was close at hand. I had two weeks to get the letter of intent to them. That was easy to do until I tried to fill in the application online, a pdf file. Nothing would save no matter how many times I filled it in. Files like this are tend to be read only yet I was told it could be done. What eventually happened was the printing of the form before closing it, scanning, converting to a pdf file and mailing it to the grant director. It was approved.

I now have a week to gather a/ the narrative b/resume or bio c/a letter of reference which is optional d/ a sample of my work, all in pdf format, and then upload to a site given to me.

I have all the components but the recommendation. While this is optional I have decided to include one in. My publisher will be writing one up for me.

I have had to research fast how to write-up this grant. It is my first attempt. I am not sure how long it will take to decide on who gets what. But it will be before the year is out due to the grant year being January 2014. I am going to give it a good try if nothing else. All they can say is no. If I don’t try I already know my answer.




Guest Post:Editing


Today we have with us a guest post from a dear friend of mine.  She is a talented editor and author. I wanted to showcase her talent.

Guest Post

Editing . . . Do I Really Need It?

As writers and authors, we all know editing is important. A couple of people will say that it’s really not needed, but come on now, you know that’s not true. If you want your books to shine, getting it polished and properly edited is a must.

There are some of us who don’t need extensive editing in order to get our work to the best standard it can be, while others need a couple passes before our book is ready to be unleashed to the world outside. There’s nothing more exciting than letting your baby go, and watching it take flight.

There are quite a few different options in which to edit a book. Basic editing allows you to take care of those pesky grammatical, typographical, and punctuation errors. Capitalization, spelling, vague wording, and missing words are also fixed during this phase of editing. Editors also look for repetition and awkward sentence structures.

If a more extensive edit is needed, an editor will look for all of the above, as well as fix inconsistencies, look for clarity in writing, and pay close attention to tone, tenses, and generalization. This will allow the editor to make changes based on what he or she feels is a must while still maintaining the author’s tone/voice throughout the edit itself.

There is also the option of a more developmental edit. Here, the editor will make revisions as he/she sees fit. If something needs to be rewritten, the editor will do so, and make note of the change for you. The editor will also take a look at development of your character, story, plot, setting, and facts. The story’s pacing/flow is also scrutinized in order to make sure that action moves along, and doesn’t stall in certain places. Dialogue/proper word usage is also examined, and fixed accordingly.

We mustn’t forget about proofreading. This is definitely a must in order to ensure that nothing was left to chance with the edit itself. This is the final step before sending your book out for publishing.

There are times that with certain changes made, the story itself will change. Keep in mind that the changes an editor makes are just that – changes. An author doesn’t have to keep every change an editor suggests. If you feel that something suggested doesn’t mesh with the message you tried to convey, that’s fine. You don’t have to accept it. You can keep what you’ve written as is, and move on to the next portion of the edit itself.

Most of us assume that keeping most of the changes made by editor in your work is crucial. It’s not. View the changes made as a guideline, of sorts. Sometimes, an editor’s suggestions will allow you to take a look at what you’ve written, and view it in a different light. It’ll open up a slew of possibilities that you didn’t see before. Often-times, this will lead you to fix what you thought was wrong in the first place, and make it better than before.

Editing is needed in order to make your work better than it was before. Be it basic or extensive, it’ll definitely benefit you in the long run. Don’t disregard the option just because you might think you don’t need it. Take a leap of faith, and let a second set of eyes peruse your work before letting it loose in front of your intended audience. Sometimes, that extra step is all that’s needed in order to give your book that little polish and oomph so that it’ll shine in your reader’s eyes.



S. H. Books Editing Services was established in March 2013.

Our goal is to provide you with quality editing, book formatting, and proofreading services.

Authors know that it’s imperative to have a clear, concise manuscript when it comes to submitting their work to a publishing company. Those pesky errors/typos are sometimes hard to miss. A fresh pair of eyes in catching what you didn’t see before allows you to mold your manuscript just the way you want it to be.

That’s what we’re here for. We’ll avidly work with you to get your manuscript to where it should be, polishing your book to the best of our ability as we go along.


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Writers:Time To Take Over The World

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Writing is serious business. With it comes pain, struggle, time and effort to get to our own personal endpoint. To lighten it up it helps to watch a funny movie, book or hang out with people who make you laugh.

I know my laugh embarrasses my son for it is loud, deep and has a life of its own. Someone at my old job told me it did not matter what I was laughing at when they heard it they too would burst out into laughter. That pleased me.

So when I went to my favorite used book store in town I came across this book, “How To Rule The World: A Handbook for the Aspiring Dictator”. I mean seriously it practically jumped into my hands how could it not?

Sitting down I started to check it out immediately bursting into loud fits of giggles to where heads turned. I am not sure where in the store my husband was but I am sure he heard and recognized me.  I mean with a title like this how could it not be funny right? As the pages turned my sides started to hurt and I teared up to where my glasses became stained. I love moments like that and the things that make it happen.

The humor this author possess is magical for me. Going to the counter, for I knew I must have this book, I told the clerk about it and she smiled. I was still in fits of laughter to where my hubby finally said enough basically.  Getting home I irritated my family some more as I continued to read. I did not let them stop me.

My point is simple. It is hard work being a writer and trying to make a name for ourselves. Now and then we need to chill and just forget the moment and laugh. And not one of those small giggles that you cover your mouth with not wanting to make a scene.  I want you guys to have a big belly jiggling , sides hurting, tears in your eyes to where you can barely stand for it is just too much to hold in.  Life is short writing is a hard word. Laugh along the way I know I am.