A Literary Grant




Last month I heard of a grant being offered by the local art council. It included people in the literary field. The goal is to help artist get to the next level of their career and what they would need to obtain it. YAY!

The problem was the time frame was close at hand. I had two weeks to get the letter of intent to them. That was easy to do until I tried to fill in the application online, a pdf file. Nothing would save no matter how many times I filled it in. Files like this are tend to be read only yet I was told it could be done. What eventually happened was the printing of the form before closing it, scanning, converting to a pdf file and mailing it to the grant director. It was approved.

I now have a week to gather a/ the narrative b/resume or bio c/a letter of reference which is optional d/ a sample of my work, all in pdf format, and then upload to a site given to me.

I have all the components but the recommendation. While this is optional I have decided to include one in. My publisher will be writing one up for me.

I have had to research fast how to write-up this grant. It is my first attempt. I am not sure how long it will take to decide on who gets what. But it will be before the year is out due to the grant year being January 2014. I am going to give it a good try if nothing else. All they can say is no. If I don’t try I already know my answer.




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