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Writers:Time To Take Over The World

2013-03-14 08.43.06

Writing is serious business. With it comes pain, struggle, time and effort to get to our own personal endpoint. To lighten it up it helps to watch a funny movie, book or hang out with people who make you laugh.

I know my laugh embarrasses my son for it is loud, deep and has a life of its own. Someone at my old job told me it did not matter what I was laughing at when they heard it they too would burst out into laughter. That pleased me.

So when I went to my favorite used book store in town I came across this book, “How To Rule The World: A Handbook for the Aspiring Dictator”. I mean seriously it practically jumped into my hands how could it not?

Sitting down I started to check it out immediately bursting into loud fits of giggles to where heads turned. I am not sure where in the store my husband was but I am sure he heard and recognized me.  I mean with a title like this how could it not be funny right? As the pages turned my sides started to hurt and I teared up to where my glasses became stained. I love moments like that and the things that make it happen.

The humor this author possess is magical for me. Going to the counter, for I knew I must have this book, I told the clerk about it and she smiled. I was still in fits of laughter to where my hubby finally said enough basically.  Getting home I irritated my family some more as I continued to read. I did not let them stop me.

My point is simple. It is hard work being a writer and trying to make a name for ourselves. Now and then we need to chill and just forget the moment and laugh. And not one of those small giggles that you cover your mouth with not wanting to make a scene.  I want you guys to have a big belly jiggling , sides hurting, tears in your eyes to where you can barely stand for it is just too much to hold in.  Life is short writing is a hard word. Laugh along the way I know I am.

My Jasper

I shared this picture with my viewers early on in my blog. But every time I look at it a smile forms on my face. Plus I wanted my new viewers to smile and be introduced to the main character of one of my books, Jasper. If you click on the actual picture it will get larger and you will see tiny drops of water.

I shared this video with my viewers on my FB page. It still makes me giggle.