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One liners

Earlier in my writings, I blogged about my family and their ability to spew out 1 liners. The ones that would make you just bust out laughing and fall down right on the floor. I’ve always wanted to say something that would have the similar reaction from them. I was starting to feel that just would never happen.

Well one day my family and I were eating lunch at a small mom and pop restaurant. It was one that we visit regularly. The food is great, the price is right and every one knows our name. Yeah our own versions of Cheers. Sitting down and saying hello, my son started to tell me about a story he had heard about concerning the city of New Orleans. He went on to say how a drunk mentioned the nearest ABC store was 5 blocks away. Now before Katrina, there was one virtually on every block.

In a second it happened. My moment to shine was at hand. Behind my husband was Sandra, one of the waitresses who was carrying on a conversations with him. Next to her was JJ who was talking to us. The minute my son finished about the drunk I said “Hell by the time he gets there he will be sober.”

Laughter ensued. I looked up and smiled. Yeah it was just 1 line but it was up there with the other 1 liners of my family. Yip it was small, and I have a way to go but for this particular time at that particular place I had done it. Color me happy.



My son has been coming up with these phrases that have made me think that he has missed his calling. My son has been coming up with these phrases that have made me think that he should be a writer.

We were driving to get some breakfast and I took a wrong turn. We came across a dead end street that was full of trees that seem to climb up all the way up to the skyline. It was very dark considering it was before 9am. Without missing a beat he stated, ” It is so dark and dreary, a serial killer could be a monk here.”

A week later I was telling him how some of his quotes are excellent examples of how to show and not just tell.  I went on to say he had a great voice. Granted I meant in terms of writing.

He piped up and said,  “I don’t have an inner voice. I have a Jiminy Cricket.”

I have decided to write a story based on his first statement. I have also decided to start writing down his sayings in a journal.  His brilliance is just to good to be forgotten.