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Friendship:How do you define it?


IMG_0146“I’m so glad you’re my friend. You don’t care when my hair looks like crap,” my friend Gina said on Tuesday as we busted into laughter. But after the giggles died down and I thought it a bit more it made me think on how I truly don’t care. It doesn’t matter to me how much you make. If you have the latest fashion, gadget, car or home so what? The team you root for won’t be a stumbling block either.

I’m not your friend for what you have. That isn’t the basis on how I determine if someone will be come my friend or not. Treat me well and I will return that pound for pound. It is amazing to me when I play in my mind the people who I have called friend from the age of five up to present day. Some values have changes over the years as I grew and learned from my environment. But the core being of that has always been that simple mantra.

That has opened my live to a variety of people from different backgrounds, jobs, circumstances and personal experiences. If you don’t close your mind and if you leave the comforts of the box of what you list as traits for a friend, the world will just blossom before your eyes.

So hang out with me for at the end of the day, I truly don’t give a rat’s ass if your hair is crappy.

Homemade Gifts for 2013

2013-12-22 14.43.13

This year for Christmas I made a number of gifts instead. It helped on cost and I personally love getting a homemade gift. The items for this year were slippers, two of my writings and a dessert I only make at Christmas time. My son calls it the Christmas dessert of death due to the sugar and calories in it.

2013-12-13 17.27.53

The slippers tend to take me 2 ½ weeks to make if my hands are not hurting too much . The dessert is quick and easy, maybe 1 minute to put together and 10 minutes to cook. The writings well those as you all know takes much longer. Happily the gifts were received well and the people appreciated the effort. That was what it was all about. Making others happy at this time of year from something I made, and making the gifts a little extra special.

Merry Christmas every one. May the holidays be full of joy, peace and rest.