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Merry Christmas 2015


Before the year is out I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Kwanzaa and others terms of holiday spirit. May you be with people who love you as the joy of this special day come upon us as the week ends.

May you leave your worries, stress, frustrations, unhappiness behind as 2016 come upon us. It is a chance to try anew.

See you next year

Homemade Gifts for 2013

2013-12-22 14.43.13

This year for Christmas I made a number of gifts instead. It helped on cost and I personally love getting a homemade gift. The items for this year were slippers, two of my writings and a dessert I only make at Christmas time. My son calls it the Christmas dessert of death due to the sugar and calories in it.

2013-12-13 17.27.53

The slippers tend to take me 2 ½ weeks to make if my hands are not hurting too much . The dessert is quick and easy, maybe 1 minute to put together and 10 minutes to cook. The writings well those as you all know takes much longer. Happily the gifts were received well and the people appreciated the effort. That was what it was all about. Making others happy at this time of year from something I made, and making the gifts a little extra special.

Merry Christmas every one. May the holidays be full of joy, peace and rest.