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Is it okay to hate a character in a book?


Is it okay to hate characters in a book you are reading.? Of course it is. You are not going to like every person the author places in the book. Granted the character I am talking about I did enjoy until halfway through the book. After that he kinda of was dead to me. I think it is okay as well at least for me.

I recently read a book that I need to do a review on. I was going along, loving the book. In fact read it in two days. It would have been one day if life didn’t get in the way. I told my hubby about it throughout, “You want to read this book when I am done? It’s about…” I went on and on and on and it piqued his interest.

Finally finishing the book I went to the fridge to get something to drink. I muttered to myself, “I hate that character. How is that even plausible? So much for that five-star. ” Hubby heard me. “I thought you liked it?” And I did. But as the book went on the character just did things where I wanted to talk to the author and go, “Really?”

It has been a few days since I finished the book and I am thinking clearer. The plot worked well for me. The pace was fantastic, I read it in two days. The ending seemed not believable but I could work with it in the grand scheme of this novel. But will I give it a 5 star rating or should I deter what I feel and rate it to a 4? I am not sure. I would still recommend the book to people, though I would mention to them what I thought.

Being a book reviewer is always interesting.

Update: I did talk to the author about this character and we had a nice talk about it.

Book review: A comment back from the author


As some of you know I review books for a few sites and also on my own. I do an unbiased opinion of what I read. Now and then I get a response from an author on what they think of what I came up with. I received this in the mail and it made me feel pretty good. This is just one of the reasons I do this but it is high on the list: helping other authors out.

Here it is.

I wanted to send you a quick note of thanks for your kind review

Your constructive criticism was well taken.  It appears that I did occasionally “telegraph” a succeeding scene or chapter.  Reviewers like you are teaching me so much about how to sharpen my writing skills.  My 2nd novel should be so much the better for it.  I’m very grateful for that.

So, please accept my thanks for your well-done review.  I wish you good health, peace, and success in all of your endeavors.


I’m glad to help other fellow authors. It makes the effort worthwhile.

The Colorado Kid


The review for today is “The Colorado Kid” by Stephen King. The genre is crime fiction.

The basis of this story is set in Maine. Two old newspaper men and a young woman who is interning at their paper start discussing unsolved mysteries from the area. The Colorado Kid is a story that has never been solved, it leaves more questions than answers.

A man leaves for work in Colorado and ends up dead on a beach in Maine a few hours later. There are little clues to the journalist who are interested in the case. The dead man has no relatives or any apparent connection to the area. So why did he travel to the island? And what exactly killed him?

This short novel is 178 pages. Being a King fan and also of the show Haven, which is based on this book, made me pick up the book for my book club. I’m not sure I like the ending for there is no clear solution to the mystery. While not every book will end in the way that is acceptable to you, I wanted answered for this one. You get none. It’s a mystery that can only be solved in one’s own mind.