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The Colorado Kid


The review for today is “The Colorado Kid” by Stephen King. The genre is crime fiction.

The basis of this story is set in Maine. Two old newspaper men and a young woman who is interning at their paper start discussing unsolved mysteries from the area. The Colorado Kid is a story that has never been solved, it leaves more questions than answers.

A man leaves for work in Colorado and ends up dead on a beach in Maine a few hours later. There are little clues to the journalist who are interested in the case. The dead man has no relatives or any apparent connection to the area. So why did he travel to the island? And what exactly killed him?

This short novel is 178 pages. Being a King fan and also of the show Haven, which is based on this book, made me pick up the book for my book club. I’m not sure I like the ending for there is no clear solution to the mystery. While not every book will end in the way that is acceptable to you, I wanted answered for this one. You get none. It’s a mystery that can only be solved in one’s own mind.

Stephen King and I


My home town, a population a little over 800, got their first library a few years ago. It is just one room. But that one room represents a whole new world to the children of my town. I got to visited it this past trip to Maine in June and fell in love with it. It is run by a retired nun. After finishing using their computer we talked for hours about how the library got established.

There is so much to say but the one that shout at me was this. They wrote Maine’s famous son, Stephen King. With no fanfare, calls or letters he soon sent a check for 50k to start-up the library. He is the reason my library in my home town got off the ground. I tweet and status on FB my adoration for this man. He is the reason I love reading horror and watching horror. But this is the epitome of why I love him so.

It turns out a lot of small libraries in my home state have gotten started by King and we are all grateful. I will be writing him soon to share my thanks for what he has done for my small town. Will it get read I do not know but I will still send off a letter.  Yes 50K is chump change to him but too us it is a library that has open the minds of children and adults in a region that is starving for it.

They are already looking to expand as grants are sent off in hopes of finding the money to do so. But we got our foot in the door, we got our one room. Soon it will be something to boast about. Heck it is something to boast about right now.

But it all got started by my favorite author and home town boy Stephen King. He has sealed the deal for me. Mr. King thank you so very much.