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“Everyday Musings”: My anthology



One of my publishers just sent me a proof for the book that will be released on Sept. 30th. “Everyday Musings” is an anthology of short stories and poetry. It looks fantastic. The company did an amazing job. This will be my fourth book on my own. #Author #EverydayMusings #Amazed I know the picture is not doing the cover justice but was so excited I shook as I took the shot.


How was your writing career in 2015?


234329-livescribe-echo-smartpen-in-useIt is the last month of the year for 2015. It is time to wrap up any business I might have before starting with a new list of things I want to accomplish in 2016. Some events has already been established for next year.

If you are a writer, have you accomplished what you want for this year? Have you been able to get to where you wanted to go? Have you been able to write as much as you had hoped for?

Some of the answers may not be to your liking, my liking. But I think it is a good idea to sit down and be honest with yourself so you can better plan for 2016. It is a good time to see where you stand on what you wanted to get done. If you are able to check off a good many, good for you. If not, figure out why you fell short. If it was beyond your control don’t beat yourself up on it if you were not as productive as you were hoping for. Life will get in the way such as health and family issues to just name a few will get to the top of the list for a good portion of us. For me those did rise to the top. But that’s okay.

If you are still enjoying what you do that is a big plus. If it is not work to you, pat yourself on the back. That is something to be happy about.

To everyone who is a writer, publisher, literary agent, editor or graphic designer I hope next year is even more productive than 2015.

Amazon loves me: Well, just a little bit


Every now and then I receive something in email from Amazon that promotes a product or book. It is not always something I have searched on the site or something I have bought or similar to it. The variety of what they advertise to me is wide. But this past weekend I received the above in email. Amazon was promoting me. I mean, me. Not sure how that happened but was thrilled as they say to the moon and back when I opened it up and saw what had happened.

Will this promote more sales? I found out that it already has. What this does in essence is bring my brand and books to a wider audience. That is huge, especially to writers. Heck to anyone who is a small business owner. I’m still pretty jazzed up.

Okay for this week Amazon and I are in a love relationship.