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Finding pictures for your blog

IMG_0079Where do you find pictures for your blog posts or other social media platforms? There are sites all over that offer photos for free and some for a price. You just have to search online.

One has to be careful of the ones that come with licenses so that you don’t infringe on the person who took that picture. Yes we are small time but what if they decided to sue you for not paying or asking permission for its use?

I am a photographer as well and am constantly taking pictures. That is my resolution so I can rest assure that all is okay as I post away. If you are a writer take pictures of your book, desk, notebook to scenery. Be creative. This is another way to shine your books, your craft and your brand.

There may be times where nothing will fit the content of what you are writing about. Free sites are available to you if you are willing to spend a bit of time looking.