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Social Media: An Author’s Best Friend



IMG_6346Even though my book got picked up by a traditional publisher, it doesn’t mean I don’t have to spread the word and do some marketing of my own. This is tough for I am by all accounts a shy person. Times are tough for books. They are competing with ebooks, tablets and people giving away their books for free for reviews. So a year before I started actively submitting “Jasper, Amazon Parrot:A Rainforest Adventure” I hit the social media scene.


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I am on a few others but these are the big ones. I started to network, meeting various people in various stages of their book. Along the way I met some awesome friends. I came across people who helped me in so many different ways. Ami who worked on my query letter that got my book into a few editor’s hands. I met my editor, Nancy, who is just amazing with her talents. I have met writers who have helped me with questions and problems when it came to social media. This is a market every author, whether self published or traditional, needs to tap into. It is pure gold for the taking, you just have to reach for it. And by the way it is how I met my publisher.


It is time-consuming when you first start. This was the main reason a year prior to submitting I became pro active with my book and the means to promote it. It has been a few years since then and now my social media format just need checking on now and then.


Being shy won’t cut it in this market. You have to take a deep breath and step forward. Your book needs you to be there for it. It can’t do it alone. And why should it? It has been with you for so long why abandon it now?






Revisions From The Publisher



IMG_0148Last Friday my publisher sent me a file with the suggested edits for the book. I didn’t open it until Saturday for I didn’t want to freak out. That was good thinking. When I finally opened it I went through the pages and agreed with just about all her edits if not all of them. That was not the problem. The comments she left in the side made me realize oh boy this will take some time. Something that is in short supply here at the Williams household. With the book coming out in August it is truly crunch time.

Some of her comments will be easy fix. Some will involve some serious wizardry of words. I can do it I know I can. But it comes down to the deadline. One of the most important deadlines I have ever had. I am trying to remain calm but chaos is hitting me with the book cover release, the book being released, the book signings I am trying to set up and the marketing that is involved in any venture that you want to make successful.

I will just work on it one page at a time with a Pepsi by my side and just remind myself how far I have come and this is all part of the process. Okay that is a long as heck mantra I need a shorter one. I will go back to my mantra I used a while ago. Dream big. But to dream big one has to take what comes along with it the ups and downs. It will be worth it, I just have to get pass this mountain in front of me. I am sure there will be another one after wards but that is okay. Every step is a learning block for me for the next go round.

I can do this.




The Final Say: Book Cover


I am fortunate that I have the final say when it comes to my book. It means the buck stops with me. AWESOME!

However that doesn’t mean I know what I’m doing. It just means I get the last word whether that be right or wrong. Case in point my book cover for “Jasper, Amazon Parrot: A Rainforest Adventure”. Last Friday the illustrator sent me four images for me to choose from. I knew which one I liked but yet I took the time to have people look at the pictures to give me their ideas. This was a good thing. For with some slight changes to the images the illustrator was able to come up with two images for me to decide from.

I knew immediately which one I wanted and loved. Granted both were amazing. Did I go with my gut? Nope. I asked people to see what they thought. Heck when I was making copies at Staples I asked the man who made the copies and the lady next to me. I was covering all angles just to make sure I was picking the right one.

It is not always easy having the last say. If I mess up it could determine if my book stays on the shelves and collect dust or is picked up to be looked over. I have to be frustrating the publisher and her illustrator. I know if I was in that situation I might be as well. I just need to make sure I do it right. The book comes out in August which is within viewing distance

Sunday I wrote the illustrator with my decision. It is time to move on. What I am waiting for is to view illustrations inside the book. While this is all fun and exciting it is a big stressful. But I do have a case of Pepsi to ingest, my version of alcohol.

This is an amazing ride.