Judging a book by its cover: Do you do this?

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

But one does when it comes to actual books. We will pick the ones that are pleasing to us and then check out the blurb.

How much time do you put into creating a cover? It can be pricey if you are unable to design your graphics. Or to find an artist who will work with you and not break the bank.

Yes, there are sites where you can buy prefab covers. There is nothing wrong with those if you are starting your career. Maybe a prefab cover will be just the right fit for your book. I have seen some amazing ones that can fit into a variety of budgets.

But coming up with the right cover can determine if your book is purchased and read. It is a decision that one should not take lightly.

I am the same way when I am checking out books. Once it is in my hand, I soon learn the blurb does not always interest me. The point being is it has a shot of being purchased.

Paying attention to your cover is just as important as the work between the pages. Spend some time on this part. After all the work one puts into a book, it would be a shame if it remains on the shelf due to a cover that has no pop.

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