Jasper, Amazon Parrot: Placing in two categories in the top 100 for Kindle in the UK


With the pandemic hitting everyone it has given me time to do more research for work.

I found out by that “Jasper, Amazon Parrot: A Rainforest Adventure” placed in the top 100 for Kindle in the UK for children’s bird ebooks at #27. Oh, my goodness. Plus at #74 for the category of children’s intermediate readers. Granted this was last week. But, woohoo!!

I took a screen shot for prosperity. I have over the last six months been enjoying having the audible for the first two volumes being in Amazon’s Best Sellers 100 list for their genre. That is exciting and I have as well taken screen shots for each spot they were at.

But this is a new milestone for Jasper and I. To place in the top 100 for Kindle in two categories is huge. It is something I have heard other authors talk about when their books have made it. I’ve been jealous a little but happy at the same time.

I can now say that has happened to me as well.

If it happens to you, let me know. I’ll be excited and happy for you as well.

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