Marketing your brand: Keeping up with the times



As an author you have to constantly work on your book. But I am not talking about writing, editing, revising, editing again and revising again.

With a brand you have to do marketing. That marketing is always evolving and one must try to evolve with it.

Back in the day you had hard and soft cover books. You did interviews live and you went into the stores to have book signings.

Now there is so much more. At the moment I am being interviewed four times but online. A few people have scoffed at me thinking I was fibbing. But when one is not in the business it could sound far fetched.

But online interviews are a real thing. When I was still working for a local magazine I did go to the sites to do my interviews for it to be in the magazine. But now you can get questions via email, answer them with a few pictures and bio and viola you are in a magazine, a site online or for a promo.

There is more. My children series are now in audio. This is a perk of the publisher I am with. This format is huge now with having huge volumes of books on their sites purchased and downloaded.

As someone who had the first two volumes of her books made into audio, volume three is being recorded soon, be on the Amazon Best Selling list for audio for over a month it was a new way to showcase my brand.

Times are changing and we need to change with it. But it comes down to this. How far do you want to go and at what point are you happy with what is going on.

If you do only a bit of this and that but are content good for you. But if you want a bit more you need to reach and keep reaching or soon you will be left behind. Jasper and I are working on not being left behind.

5 thoughts on “Marketing your brand: Keeping up with the times”

  1. Sharon, I would love to partner with you and any other local authors to develop a “How to Market Books” workshop to be periodically offered to area business development organizations. Have you done this sort of thing in our area?

    1. I have done a few talks through the library about social media platforms. They were received well. I am a big opponent of creating an author’s platform and preach it all the time. A good portion of this site is about marketing, the different platforms and how and why we need to incorporate this into our business. I consider my writing a business though the writers I know haven’t made that leap yet if ever.

      Most of my author friends understand the importance of marketing their books it but never seem to follow through with it all the way. I think they gotten tired of me talking about it. LOL This is a wonderful idea for us to collaborate on.

    2. I thought I had replied to this. I been writing down notes on writing such a book for other inspiring authors and people in general. But have not done it for this area yet.

  2. I’ve noted your transparency and commitment to putting your personal marketing ideas out to your audience which is fabulous. I will message you on messenger to discuss what I am thinking. I have an agency and contacts there whom i would like to pitch the idea to.

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