How much thought do you put into your book cover?

How important in having a decent cover for your book matters to you? Not sure? Let me ask a different way. When you are in a bookstore, yes they still exist, and going up and down the aisle what catches your eye to pick up a book? Is it the cover? Is it the synopsis on the back? Perhaps it is both. There are sooooo many books out there competing for buyers attention each wanting you to pick it up and examine it. One way is to get a cover that is pleasing to the eye.

One of my writer friends from Canada just requested her rights back and signed up with a different publisher. The graphic artist she is working with now gave her a cover that dissolved her into tears. The main reason being the design that was presented to her had nothing to do with the theme of the book. And when she asked for our honest opinion I told her how it was not very good. Well, the design was good but it did not describe the pages inside.

Creating a cover, whether you do it or a publishing house, to make your book be pleasing is the first step into finding a reader and hopefully a long life fan. It is that important. We can talk about the hook of our manuscript all day long. But if you cover turns away potential buyers they will never get to see if your hook will make them fall madly in love with the rest of your novel.

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