So you wrote a book: What’s next?


What are your goals for your book? And if you have figured that out did you do it before or during the process of writing it out or after? There are many options to go with. I know a writer who just wants to write a book and is quite happy at stopping at one and is okay if it is published or not. I know another who has written a number of books but just writes for the pure pleasure of doing so.

Is this where you are at? Or do you want more? Do you want to be published traditionally? Perhaps you are going the self publish route. Maybe you will be a hybrid author. Do you want to have an agent? You could stick it out on your own and submit to those houses that don’t require you have one.

Do you plan on having an editor? If so which one? There are a number of different editors out there from copy editor, line editor, developmental editor and so on. Do you plan on having your book beta read or go through the gauntlet of a critique group?

I can go on. There is so much involved in a book and the old phrase comes to haunt me when I first started on this path. Writing is the easy part. Well folks that is so very true. The real work starts when you are done. But if you wait until the book is done before you define your goals in essence you are already behind.

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