Writing a death scene



With the genres I write in there is never a place to write a really good death scene. The closest I came to writing one was for my WIP that involved a man trying to kill his wife but failed and she landed in a coma in the hospital. I know, not very close. I really need to get back to that manuscript I was having fun with it.

But over the last month or so I been working on one death scene for my YA trilogy. First I had to build it up and transitioned it from the previous scene. What I learned early on was how much fun this was to do. I actually giggled. So not good, right? What started as just a transitional piece became at the moment over 15k words on the ending for this book. Word count at the moment is just a shade under 70k overall and I am not close to being done my first draft. I need to fill in the pieces throughout.

I even wrote on Facebook a while back stating how it was going and all, The support from the writing community was awesome and downright funny. Who knew? I definitely didn’t. And I certainly didn’t know where this would have taken me in this manuscript. I am not done yet with this death but the sky is the limit

What started out as only one person kicking the bucket, well I am now at nine. Who knows how many will be goners by the time I finish. But excited how this will all play out.

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