Author’s Showcase


Last Friday a local library had their annual author’s showcase. With it being free for the writers I sign up happily. This was my second time for this event. It was a great chance to hang out with writers, friends who are writers and readers.

The weather held up and we had a nice crowd come to the event. With having Jasper’s canvas picture on my table it drew a lot of people to me. The event was only two hours but it went b y quickly. It was nice to talk to the community about my books and how I came up with the idea for them.I made some sales, woohoo, and all in all it was a good night.

Getting out into the public is not easy and on some occasions it can be a bit nerve-wracking. But the more I try the easier it does become. What was really nice is how my name is getting out among the community. Which is extremely helpful not to mention free and good publicity is always good.

I did forgot to have someone take a picture of me and my table, doh. But the night was fun, my table mate was a friend of mine so we did chatter a bit. The event helped Friends of the Library which is one I do support so it was a win win on a few levels.

So writers, get on out when you can in your community. Readers support your writers. If nothing else support your local libraries. They do so much for us and all of it is free to the public.


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