Writer: Your choice of writing instrument



The magical pencil and pen. It was my first instrument of writing. Well that is if you don’t count the crayons. Growing up that was our means of conveying anything onto paper.

In my high school years a typewriter did make its way to me which I used happily if not excruciatingly due to errors, white out and unable to find the line after I had moved the paper to fix an error. But hey it was progress. It was not until the middle of HS that I had my first look at an actual computer. The school had created a computer lab, we boasted of four whole computers and hired a person to teach us someone who knew he had one on us since he knew about formating, saving, the different b between the floppy drives and all that good stuff.

It was the age of Aquarius.

Getting to college the access I had to computers exploded with computer labs each having computers lined the walls and then some. This was the big league. Turning 20 I bought my first used computer from of all people my gym strengthen coach. If I thought I was in the big leagues , I was wrong for now I was. I could type, erase, fix errors in-house and on the spot without the frustrations of other means I had tried before.

Light it up up up light it up up up I’m on fire! (Yes, making a reference to Fall Out Boys)

Technology has come a heck of a long way. I have a pen that when I write it converts my words to a computer file. Which is huge for someone who has fibro. They have touch screen this and that. They have the Dragon program where you can talk into a headset and it will type it out for you on the screen. (For the record the Dragon program hates me. I have tried too many times even after the husband and son had no issue with it. It has been deducted between my accent and my faster than light speech confuses the poor dear.)

Things have come a long way to when I first used a pencil and pen to coin my work. But things have gone full circle. I prefer to handwrite my stories. The creativity flows better and faster that way. I don’t need a wall outlet, I don’t need the Internet or any fancy gadget to write. Just a couple of pen, a notebook and a desire to create.

Life is funny like this.

2 thoughts on “Writer: Your choice of writing instrument”

  1. As a young artist and writer, I had great penmanship. I did write some by hand, but not much once I had my first word-processor. Considering that I worked manual labor for many, many years, the onset of RA has caused my ability to write by hand to crash. It does hurt to write, but typing is so much easier for me. I keep thinking about the dragon tool, but I don’t want to hear myself talk. (lol!) Thank goodness for modern technology. Don’t know what I’d do without it. :o)

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