Sports: Life would be boring without it



Well football is now done as far as games and playoffs goes. What we have left is hockey and basketball before in a few short weeks pitchers and catchers go to spring training to get ready for the long season of baseball.

I been an avid sports fan for as long as I could remember sitting on my twin bed looking at the 13 inch black and white TV that my mom had bought me one Christmas. It filled up the time when there was nothing to do, when I was left home alone and times when it was just too cold to go out. I am from Northern Maine.

Sports will lift you up and drop you like a hot potato, the price of rooting for any sport any team anywhere. It will bring bouts of anger, joy, tears, happiness and so much more.

Where would I be without watching my teams across the board would mean

– more free time

-more money since I would not be spending it on games, travel and any things I might buy to show who I root forbidden

-less people for a good portion of my friends are ones I knew growing up, went to college with and also with to games with

What I would be doing would be so completely different and the wife my husband knows would not be the one he knows now. He has put up with a lot of my ups and downs, my sitting in front of the TV, refusing to move until the game is done or excessively watching reports, draft day and so on concerning anything on the many sports I watch.

I can’t imagine being any different. Sports were my baby sitters when my sisters got older and did their own thing. Sports taught me to embrace my nerdiness with stats, math and science for it does embrace those disciplines.

Sports is awesome, even with the hits and joys, for without it life for me would be way duller.

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