Prompts: Writing and photo



IMG_4774One of my resources to write is prompts, whether that be writing or picture.. My current WIP “Lost Faith” is based on a one line writing prompt. From that I wrote 1600 plus words making it a short story. Seeing I could do more with it I extended it to a short novella. Feeling I had more to say on it I continued and now it stands at over 50k words as I am working to make it a trilogy.

My short story and first paranormal piece ever “The Door In the Tree” came from a picture prompt of a door in a tree. It has received some lovely reviews from those who have read it. This is a genre I would never have thought to write in if I had not seen this prompt. My first ever crime novel which is still a WIP came from a small one line writing prompt.

So I am very bias when it comes to prompts and how effective they can be for writers and for me especially. They just open up new worlds to stories I would never consider writing in the first place. By writing outside my comfort zone and outside the box I am learning new ways to express the creations in my head. I like that.

It makes writing more interesting for me as I research to learn the new concepts I am working on. That is a winner winner chicken dinner for me. I love to learn, I have watched so many documentaries on History Channel I started seeing repeats. In this way I can extend that thirst for knowledge through a writing or picture prompt.

So no matter what you use to get the writer in you going whether that is a writing or picture prompt, memories and experiences you have had or an over active imagination, good for you. If it brings the stories to light onto paper for others to read that is what matters.

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