It’s almost May already



It is almost May already. Where has the time gone? It seems every year goes faster than the year before. But why?

I asked my mom this question last year and this is what she said. “ When we are younger, we are to busy living our lives to think about time. We are on the go-go go and life seems to go on forever. When we are older we have slowed down as well as our bodies. We don’t have much time left on this earth in comparison to the young. So in essence time goes by faster for us.” Okay, I am paraphrasing what she said but this asbout sums it up.

I paused after she told me this. It made sense. For years I had pondered this question not giving much thought to asking anyone. It took my mom to break it down to where I could nod and realize this is what it was.The older may be older but we can learn so much from them if we just give them a chance to speak. Plus we need to listen, not just hear what they are saying but to really listen. A skill a lot of us don’t have.

Whether we want to hear the advice or not, we should at least pay attention. They are smarter than we might give them credit for. And there is always the side perk of making them feel good, a win win in my book any time of the day.

The things my mom has said to me I have tried to record. It may not always work for me or make sense but eventually a time will arise and I can say, “Ah, that’s right mom explained that to me.”

May I pay more attention to living instead of paying attention to the time.

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