My book has been nominated


Jasper and I have been nominated by an online book club by the name of Noveltunity. This took me by surprise for I have no clue how that came to be. But let me take a moment to go WOOOOHOOOO!

I am going to be realistic and say I probably don’ have a snowball chance in heck. But I am still stoked that the book is up to be voted on. I did wonder to my peeps on Facebook if I could do like actors and actresses when they are announced as 1x or 2x Oscar nominee and so on. The peeps said sure why not. I have to admit I like the sound of that.

The voting ends in August and if nothing else I voted for myself for what it’s worth. My favorite reaction came from my friend Gina who said, “ It’s another feather in your cap Sharon.”

If anyone is interested in voting the link is below.

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