Author Services: My client is going to be published



11817195_1698654523679438_3370435592056297867_nI started an author service last Fall. I was fortunate to get a client soon after. WOOHOO Since last August we have been meeting close to every Wednesday for three hours at a time. The goal was to get her manuscript in tip-top shape and to show her the technique to how I was able to get my first book finished and published by a traditional publisher.

Joanna has been a joy for she was diligent in learning what I had to teach her. A month ago her book was picked up for publication from a company out of Connecticut. Another WOOHOO moment. She just signed her contract and is ready to move forward as the pictures show above. I am very proud of her. Plus I am proud of myself for even though I only had one client, the end results were what we were hoping and shooting for.

I am batting 1 for 1 right now and it feels pretty darn good.

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