E-books versus books

2014-04-28 11.52.25

This is a topic I have talked about on a few occasions on this blog. I prefer a real book in my hand. Growing up in Northern Maine, all those years ago, that was our only option. It was not uncommon for me to grab a book and head out to the front porch to read as I rocked in a chair. Or I would go to the picnic table by the lake and enjoy a story. I would also sneak away to my room, where I enjoyed a whole sleuths of adventures in far way lands.

I would constantly bring home the flyers from school for the latest book fair hoping and pleading my mom would spare some money for one or two. Being poor there was not much money for extras like this. A book was never far from my hand though. They were my friends during my times as a child. My sister remarked recently that her memories of me was always having my head in a book. And she was right.

I have said for the longest time the only way I would get a tablet is if it was given to me as a gift. This past Christmas my husband got me one. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the pros of having such a device. You can put multiple books on it to read and it saves space. I get it. I do.

But for someone whose entire childhood life revolved around this format, the transformation to an e-book was not easy. I love the smell of a book. I love the feel and texture of a book. I love to actually turn a page. No matter how hard they try to convince me it is the same thing, for me it isn’t.

Yet I am enjoying my tablet for it helps me with reading and checking out my writings when I need to see how it looks in e-book form. It does have an appeal to it that I didn’t expect to feel.

This past Saturday I had an epiphany. I was reading a novel that I had to read and review for Booksneeze and out of nowhere it hit me. It didn’t matter, to a certain extent, that people were using ebooks. The fact more people are reading is what matters. More are enjoying books which brings them to new worlds, new species, and new cultures. Just like how I did growing up and still to this day. People are losing time in fantasy which gives them a chance to unwind from the reality of life.

While I will always prefer a book in my hand, for it brings back such fond memories for me, I have to give kudos to the tablets of the world that lets people read anyplace they want and as many as they want. This is a good thing no matter how it is sliced.



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