Writers: Where are you?

2012-08-29 09.55.21

There are so many opportunities for writers to explore and get their name out. Yes we have the conventional ones that are well-known:



-Google +




These are the ones that I try to be active in. But how about the ones where you think outside the box? I mentioned this week about the great news of how I will begin a new career as a freelance writer and photographer. This is one avenue. Another is to review books. In fact I have a site set up just for book reviews: www.mainemuse.wordpress.com. I been reviewing for Booksneeze since 2010 and word has gotten out as various authors have reached out to me. And somehow my name and site has been placed on a page that is dedicated for people who need and or do reviews. That gave me an influx of pleas. Which was fine.

Recently the owners of BTS magazine reached out to me an asked if I would be interested in reviewing for them. After checking them out, I thought it would be fun and also a good thing for me as another circle of people who would learn about me. But there is a double win when you review. Not only are you getting your name out, you are learning to critique and grow as an author. Reviewing is an invaluable tool for writers. I have learned so much in doing reviews for others and it has helped me in my own works.

We have NPR, newspapers, book signings and readings just to name a few places we can try to reach out to the public. In February of this year I, along with other authors, did a reading at a local library. It was scary but fun at the same time.

All of this takes hours and effort from an already busy life. And one must try to not over extend oneself for one can hurt one’s health and sanity to boot. Moderation, yes that is something I need to start learning to do as things drop into my lap. Just now a friend called and asked if she could hire me to help with her thesis. I sure as heck didn’t see that coming. I spent eight plus hours working on this for her.

Moderation, hmm maybe one day I will know the true meaning of that word.


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