Spring Cleaning and Weight Loss=Reality Part 2

It was time to clean out my closet. I knew there were some clothes that could be given to charity while others would have to be tossed. The section that had been there for a few years waved hello at me secured in the fact that they would remain yet another year in the section labeled as untouchable.

Going through my dresser drawer was quick for most of the clothes there either fit me or had to be tossed. Easy. The shoe section was even faster. After my surgery on my right knee and left foot there were only certain shoes that could be worn that would not cause me pain. I was on a roll. GO ME!

Getting to my closet I went over each item.  A pile was formed that contained clothes that fit but no longer liked or worn. Those would be going to charity. The minutes flew by as clothes got tossed from pile to pile and hangers ended up on the floor. I finally got to the clothes that never got inspected. This year I had planned on letting them get another year of freedom as the closet got refilled with the ones that had made the cut. Not sure what got in me but a tiny voice said, “ Try them on, what do you got to lose?

Well, they won’t fit and that will just depress me,” I answered myself. Yes I do this on occasion

Stop being such a chicken come on you can do it.” The stubborn voice was relentless.

Grabbing all the clothes in this area off the rack I placed them on the bed and started to try each one. The first one fitted well. Hmm. Pretty soon the pile of clothes that were fitting was adding up. My mind was in a state of euphoria. The giddiness consumed me as I rushed to try each and every article of clothing from this section. Going to my dresser mirror I posed while turning around to get all angles of the outfits on me. They fit. They all friggen fit. What the hell? When did this happen?

Sitting down in my skivvies I just looked at myself in the mirror and teared up. I had been so consumed with the magical number of where I thought should be, where media says women should be. As the weight had come off the flashing number was all that kept me going. All the while I had forgotten to embrace the weight lost, embrace my accomplishment on getting healthy. I had maintain this weight for 8 months and in that time had not given myself a pat on the back and a “Way to go girl!”

Wow. This thought just overflowed over me like a warm ray of sunshine. My friend Gina told me I was looking good and while that pleased me it did not hit home. Maintaining has been harder than losing for getting below this number has not happened.

The “perfect weight” might get obtain and then again maybe not. I need to remember the bigger picture. My body is healthier, the pain while still there has not gotten worse and I have more closet space, actually I have a hell of a lot of space. But I don’t need to buy new clothes for in essence that is where the untouchables have become , my own mini shopping adventure without ever leaving home.

So everyone learn from me. Appreciate the little accomplishments. Don’t wait for someone to tell you, do it yourself. Enjoy the moments whether they be big or small. Spring cleaning is still a word I hate but there is one section in my house where it has a whole new meaning-buried treasure.

4 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning and Weight Loss=Reality Part 2”

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