Traditional Publishing

The decision had been made for me to try get a publishing house to publish my books. I realized it is a crap shoot with today’s market and houses being more selective in what they decide to pick up.  The official Writer’s Market was purchased and I started tto work on finding those who seem to fit the books.

I have told a few people this but not many. One particular friend of mine does not seem to get it and I wonder how many are like her. When I told her it takes about 30 minutes to get one electronic submission complete she called my bluff. I did not even bother to mention how much time it takes to complete one submission that is submitted by smail.

Did you know that all the editing and revising is a waste of my time? That I should leave that for the publishers? No that is not how it is done- at least to me. If I don’t present the best possible product I can on my first try well that is a sure-fire way to get to the trash can.  Every time she ask me where am I at, the constant reply is editing, revising, submitting and writing. When she ask have I heard from a publisher yet I tell her these things take time.

It finally came to a head when she said have I tried to find publishers in the state, Ah yes I have. When she said well have you goggled it on-line for why she found over 100 publishers. Again ah yes I have.  Finally I had to just lay it out for I was getting just pissed.

In an email I wrote this:

For each publisher that I look at, the following has to be considered:

1-Are they still in business? Just because they are on-line does not mean their doors are open

2-Are they reputable?

3-Do they publish my genre and if so are they accepting submissions?

4-What are the guidelines?

5 This last one is very important. If you see the name Chris, one has to make sure you find out if

Chris is male or female. To put the wrong Mr or Ms is a sure way to get rejected.

All of this takes time and all of it has to be done per company.  I am trying to push two books right now, have two that I am revising and editing while working on three WIP.

This is all time-consuming, frustrating and down right makes one exhausted mentally, emotionally and physically. But realizing I have chosen to try traditional publishing first it has to be accepted this is what has to be done.  I just get really tired of people saying so what are you doing now? Why are you making a mountain out of a mole hole, it is not rocket science. No it is not- its torture that I have willingly inflicted on myself for I believe in my books. After all the work that was consumed in creating them, why not give them a chance?

10 thoughts on “Traditional Publishing”

  1. It is a lengthy and tedious process, yes, but it helps you to take a close look at your work to ensure that you’re ready to submit. And the rewards of having your work chosen are great. Good luck!

  2. I think I am going to try traditional first and then I can always e-book it. I think you are right to edit first. I want mine professionally edited before leaving my house. Good luck to you!

  3. I’ve gone the other way around. I e-published and really enjoyed that experience. But now I think I want to dabble my toes in the Trad waters … Just to see. That’s where my current WiP is destined. But yeah, you’d better believe that I’m paying to have it professionally edited and making it the best book possible before I even start looking!

    Definitely keep us updated on the progress!

      1. This one is a Historical Romance set in Montana in 1895. It’s actually turning out to be pretty funny too. The hero and heroine are both nuts … and so perfect for each other. They should post warnings. =P

  4. A wonderful author gave me this advice, you edit until you find yourself switching the sentences around. You can never edit too much. This is your masterpiece you are putting out there. You want it to be at your best. So I say good for you! Sumbitting your manuscript is a long and tedious process, I myself have only braved a few. It’s intimidating, but you are right, we should never give up! We believe in our books and that is just what we do…NEVER GIVE UP! Thank you for sharing this!


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