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The Rewrite

Recently I blogged about my awesome rejection letter. In the email the publisher pointed out why they were not going with my MS. He listed the reasons. When I asked if I could resubmit once revising he said yes he would check the book out again.

My initial reaction was days of glee and happiness. Okay it is still with me. But the days after I found out there is a cloud higher than nine and I was on it. After that came oh my gosh how the hell am I going to fix this the way it’s suppose to be? With that dread inside I contacted a few people for thoughts and suggestions on what to do. Once they responded I was ready to start.

Only problem is it took a few weeks before I had the guts to sit down and actually attempt this very important rewrite. The emotions that flooded me ranged from despair to frustration. I stopped dead.

Instead of getting started I stalled.

As the days flew by people asked me how much had I gotten done and sadly would have to reply that nothing had been accomplished. I mentally berated myself up for taking so long to get going on this. I repeatedly went back over the points that I had to fix, each time it screamed at me, “ You can’t do this, give up.”

Now that I have actually started, I believe this was all part of the plan. I needed to step away for a few weeks to gather my thoughts, get myself in check and when the time came it would happen. And it did.

This past week I redid the ending to the book. I went further and did a total rewrite of my first chapter. The only thing that remained the same was three paragraphs. I was on a roll. In that rewrite a new chapter emerged that I had not planned on. I kept going. Last night I wrote another chapter that brings conflict and internal tension to my main character. Something that was missing from my book. What I have left is two chapters to go. That means rereading it and making sure the holes have been filled.

The last week all that has been in my mind all that I could concentrate on was sitting down and revising this book. It has blossomed not just in word count but in strength. When I am finish it will go through the process like before. My editor Nancy will go over it and tighten it up. Will it be enough I am not sure. Every publisher has in mind what they are looking for and what works for their company.

Personally I am loving the changes. If when all is said and done this publishing house does not accept it, at least I know I have a better book now, then I did a few weeks ago. For that I thank the publisher for making me gut out my story, for making me toss things that did not work, for eliminating words regardless of word count, and for evaluating my story in a way that all writers should.

Thank you Mike.

Traditional Publishing

The decision had been made for me to try get a publishing house to publish my books. I realized it is a crap shoot with today’s market and houses being more selective in what they decide to pick up.  The official Writer’s Market was purchased and I started tto work on finding those who seem to fit the books.

I have told a few people this but not many. One particular friend of mine does not seem to get it and I wonder how many are like her. When I told her it takes about 30 minutes to get one electronic submission complete she called my bluff. I did not even bother to mention how much time it takes to complete one submission that is submitted by smail.

Did you know that all the editing and revising is a waste of my time? That I should leave that for the publishers? No that is not how it is done- at least to me. If I don’t present the best possible product I can on my first try well that is a sure-fire way to get to the trash can.  Every time she ask me where am I at, the constant reply is editing, revising, submitting and writing. When she ask have I heard from a publisher yet I tell her these things take time.

It finally came to a head when she said have I tried to find publishers in the state, Ah yes I have. When she said well have you goggled it on-line for why she found over 100 publishers. Again ah yes I have.  Finally I had to just lay it out for I was getting just pissed.

In an email I wrote this:

For each publisher that I look at, the following has to be considered:

1-Are they still in business? Just because they are on-line does not mean their doors are open

2-Are they reputable?

3-Do they publish my genre and if so are they accepting submissions?

4-What are the guidelines?

5 This last one is very important. If you see the name Chris, one has to make sure you find out if

Chris is male or female. To put the wrong Mr or Ms is a sure way to get rejected.

All of this takes time and all of it has to be done per company.  I am trying to push two books right now, have two that I am revising and editing while working on three WIP.

This is all time-consuming, frustrating and down right makes one exhausted mentally, emotionally and physically. But realizing I have chosen to try traditional publishing first it has to be accepted this is what has to be done.  I just get really tired of people saying so what are you doing now? Why are you making a mountain out of a mole hole, it is not rocket science. No it is not- its torture that I have willingly inflicted on myself for I believe in my books. After all the work that was consumed in creating them, why not give them a chance?

Submitting my book electronically

Time: 3:30pm

Date: 2.16.2012

Task: Press send

This was the day I submitted my first electronic submission. I had everything lined up. The synopsis, cover letter, query letter and edited MS for two of my books were ready to go. I lined up the publishing houses that seemed compatible. It had taken me months to get this all straighten out. The hard part was done. I thought wrong.

I opened up my email and got the right address in place. The subject line that was required was listed. In the body of the letter I placed the necessary information that this particular publishing editor wanted.

There I was done, all I had to do was press send. That is when I stopped cold. I just stared at that button, wondering why I could not press it. Time was ticking away as I mulled in my mind what the problem was. A simple process to do right? I had done all the leg work. This was supposed to be the easy part.

So after ten minutes why was the email still sitting in front of me? I knew once I sent that email I could not reach in and grab it back. It would be official and there was nothing I could do about it. I froze. The easiest part of this whole process and I just froze.

Getting up from my desk I walked around my office trying to knock some sense into me as I contemplated my goals. This was what I had been working on for the last two years. Yet here I was scared as hell to send my first electronic submission.

Finally I sat back down, closed my eyes and pressed send. While I felt a chill run down my spine at this I still felt nervous as heck. The second submission by email would be easier I thought. Again I was wrong. Setting up the second email and placing what was required I stared at the button again. It did not take me as long this time around but it was not easy either.

My body was in a cold sweat and I had goosebumps on my arms. You would have thought I had climbed the highest mountain instead of sending two emails.

The day ending with a grand total of four submissions being processed. I am hoping it gets easier and feel it will. For now my written word is out there for people to look at and decide yes or nay. There is no turning back.

I am proud of myself for getting to this point and step, even if it meant drinking two Cokes in a row for it to occur.