I’m gonna wash that gray right outta my hair….

I’m gonna wash that gray right outta of my hair. Yeah my age is starting to catch up with me. Thankfully with conveniences we now have, some of life’s little annoyance can now be rectified. I was born a blond hair child with bright blue eyes, in fact that color stayed with me until I was 19. Then my sister cut my hair really short and soon afterwards my hair changed to the color it is now, brown.

My attitude and personality at times do reflect the status that blonds have gotten over the years and I take it in stride and just say I am being blond which is not far from the truth some days.

With the wide availability of colors out there on the market it is hard some days to choose what color I will use to make a radical change. Yet I always seem to stick to old faithful, red. By the time I am done with the red coloring and it has had a chance to blend with my brown, I get a lovely auburn head of hair for at least 6 weeks. I will go red roughly three times a year to get a change of pace. I like the difference in how it looks and the strut I suddenly get after the coloring is complete.

My husband does not always notice but I am getting use to that. The compliments I get from other people I know and total strangers just makes me smile on the inside and yeah on the outside as well.

It is such inexpensive and easy way to make a small change in one’s life. Face it, life comes at you hard and aging is not always easy to deal with. It is a way to bounce back on the days we need that as women. Granted soon enough the color will fade and slowly be brushed or washed out. But in that small amount of time, every time I look in the mirror and see the change it gives me a boost. I think that is pretty cool all for the price of $3.49. To me that is a damn good bargain.

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