To Do List- The Curse

How many of us have a “To Do List”? I do. The list of the lists I have is starting to get legendary. With this chaotic world we now live in, it helps people get organize with the basics. For me I have a list for:

1-Things to buy

2-Things to fix around the house

3-Things to clean inside and around the house

4-List of books for the book club I run

5-List of doctors appts/meetings/errands that must be done

6-List of publishers I am planning on sending my query letter to

7-List of things that I need to do for others

It goes on. You all get the picture. The joy of striking out something on the list is hard to explain. The people who get that sentiment are the ones who make lists. There are times I do feel like a hamster in a wheel going round and round for those are the days I cross one item and add three much to my dismay.

How many of us have a list of things to do that are fun?

1-Read a good book

2-Go outside for a walk

3-Spend time with the family

4-Go to the movies

5-Do absolutely nothing

I would bet a whole nickel that we don’t do this as a norm. They are things we should not forget automatically but some of us do.

The point of making a list is to not to forget. Which makes sense but by not exercising our brain and memory we are only hurting ourselves to some small degree. How can we remember if we are always writing things down?

But go me, I take it a step farther. There are the days that no matter how well thought out my lists are I just plain forget to look at the list and go about my merry way. Yes, go me.

Don’t you just love it?

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