The Tortoise and The Hare: Williams style

Growing up my family was the one who was always on time. But not only on time but really early. It would not be uncommon for us to arrive at church 30 minutes ahead and be one of the first ones there. My mom instilled that in us from day one even if it was not verbally said. The problem with this is my husband. He was raised in the sense “I’ll get there when I get there” mentality. His laid back attitude which I do like kills me when I am trying to get anywhere with him. He just does not see the reason to rush. Yes I am rushing my life away, I know it. The sense of urgency when I have an appointment or errand consumes me. Heaven help me if anything slows me down getting someplace. It will unravel me faster then a ball of yarn going down the stairs. My husband is one of those obstacles. But it is hard to blame him to much when his own father, a preacher man, has been late for his own sermons. The term “ He will be late for his own funeral” had to have been coined by their family.

I am not too upset I am like this on the occasion where punctuality is an essence. This is probably why I get most of my work done during the morning hours. However by 3pm if you want anything done out of me, you might as well just wait until the next day. The motivation and energy are just gone gone and gone.

Though arriving at church with my husband as Father Tom is going up the aisle rattles me. But to mention this to my husband he would just say “ Well at least we made it” or something along those lines. I wish I could slow down enough to have the laid back attitude my husband and son has. Yes it has permeated to my son. Aren’t I a lucky woman? The only way my son goes any slower was if he was sleeping. But I envy that and I hope he finds a woman in his life who is of the similar notion. That way they can be late together and not give a hoot. Then they can enjoy their life.

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