Nesting….. Man style

My home has a sunroom in the back. When we first looked at this house I was soooo excited to see this and mentally made plans in my head. Then we moved in and well that thought just got tossed out like yesterday’s trash. Instead my husband has made it his office. Lining the walls are shelves bursting full of books. This is not surprising since we are both avid readers. In the corner is his desk where he does his work.

In the beginning it was mostly used to be a TV room for the whole family to gather, enjoy and spend time together. While that is still the case it is not the main use for this room. Instead my husband and son have nested deeply in this space. My son will use it for his gaming which I can’t blame him since the sound system is pretty AWESOME. Once the window pane doors are closed you can barely hear him in there. He will also do his school work and reading. My husband between his books, computer and desk has his weights located in the sunroom. Our treadmill is located in the corner so that is my main use of this room.

However, I have been told not to clean this area for I might just toss something away that is of need to them though the disarray of the room makes me shiver and mutter to myself. But I knew then that it was THEIR room when I walked in to get something and they both stopped, looked at me and mentally said “What?”. I did not realize I had to obtain permission to enter the dungeon or man cave as you will and clear it with the natives in advance. How silly of me. There are times I really don’t want to know what they are doing.

But the more I thought about this room being taken from me the more I was okay with it. For in that room is a man and his son bonding in ways I can’t possibly imagine. The conversations that stop midway when I open the door makes me think that. Something about them sharing a moment with each other even if its my husband telling my son advice on the game he is playing or my son telling his dad something he learned that day makes me feel good on the inside. There is so much going on in this world. Our family is not perfect by any stretch but knowing that they are forming memories for down the road gives me a good warm fuzzy feeling. So if nesting deep in a room that I first coveted as mine is what it takes, so be it. Let them nest.

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