World Wrestling Entertainment

I am a huge fan of the WWE and all that comes with it. But wrestling has taken a dip over the years. The wrestling I grew to love started when I was around 6-7 years old. That is the time my mom and grandfather would bring me across the border into Canada to watch this sport live. The greats at the time were Andre the Giant, the Rougeau Brothers, and Emile Dupress to name a few. The hits were hard, the blood was real, the excitement in the arena was electric. I would remember eating popcorn as I sat between my mom and her father. All one had to do was look at either one of them to know they were having the best time of their lives. They would shout out loud as the good guys won while they would boo at the bad guys. The two of them sitting still was an issue. I mean this was wrestling. My grandfather would pound his fist in his other hand as he got all tense up when the bad guys would cheat in any way shape or form. Going to the bathroom or getting food was only done before or after the matches. The fact they included me into this world of theirs was magical. For a few hours the three of us bonded with our mutual love for wrestling.

Wrestling now is soap opera tv for men. While the athletes are conditioned well and practice hard at their craft- it is in my opinion a show for the fans. The mechanism behind it has been lost due to it being a business first. I still watch it, why stop now? I love it still. But I only watch it for I remember the times I had with my grandfather who is no longer with us. The memories are still as vivid for me now as if I have a video recorder in my head playing these scenes out. With my memory being a crap shoot- I am glad these times has not been washed away with the passage of time.

So while there are people who feel wrestling is fake and a waste of time, I will continue to watch and enjoy. For when I do, my grandfather is sitting next to me enjoying it as much as I am. Remembering his smiles and the pure joy on his face is something I don’t ever want to lose. If that means watching wrestling in the form it is as of today, so be it.

7 thoughts on “World Wrestling Entertainment”

  1. Oh dear, I used to love to watch wresting…mainly during the Hogan/Piper era. I even used to listen to a radio station in Canada (I live in Michigan, close to the border) where this retired wrestler had a radio show. I wish I could think of his name, but he had a lot of insider information that was interesting. I really liked all the stories involved with the feuds too. I guess I thought it was humerous. Roddy Piper especially was so funny. But something happened, and it just became more and more gimmicky that it lost something. So I lost interest and haven’t watched it in years.

    But I can relate to what you’re saying about watching something that makes you remember a lost loved one. My mom used to watch a lot of baseball and I like to listen to it just because of her.

  2. WWE today is called world wrestling ENTERTAINMENT because it has merely become a regular tv program in which we can predict what is gonna happen in the next instant. The charm of WWF , world wrestling FEDERATION has been long lost..
    I used to be a big fan of this show, but from a few months now, i dont feel any rush in my blood to see it.. as everything is just a drama…. Ofcourse WWE is a business now.. a very very big profitable one.. and they dont feel anything about the sport…
    Nice post my friend…. :))

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