A Facelift of Sorts

I saw a post on a writer’s group about blogs, how if it was not done right or if it was overpowering that people would not return. Silly me asked people to take a look at mine. I knew it was not the best but I felt it was decent. What I got back was that it was not personally engaging. Now I had just returned home from a four hour outing with a fellow writer. We had enjoyed the time together as we shared our present project, our future goals and also tips for each other. However, in that five minutes that it took for me to ask and get that reply, my inner joy crashed. It was like the band aid that held my creative juices together had been ripped off. It stung hard. My eyes filled up with tears which gently rolled down my face. I had to wipe my glasses clean, they were so streaked with water. The more questions I asked the more dejected I became. While the tips given were helpful, inside my brain went into overdrive. Did I need to redo all the posts on my blog? Did I need to start a new blog? Should I just make the next entry better? I decided to give the blog a face lift of sorts. I did not want to eliminate the information I had laid out for it was still part of me and who I am, even if I was not expressing it properly. I wanted this blog to be the good, the bad and the ugly. But while I waited for someone, anyone, to tell me one good point I was asked what do I write about. My reply was my life and the things that come across it. Did this make my life unengaging? No, absolutely not. It just meant I had to figure out how to place on paper what was in my head in a different way.

Still the words “not personally engaging” kept being replayed in my head like a broken record. The ranges of emotions were sadness, frustration and at one point anger. The people who have viewed my blog had not once mentioned this small fact. Did they not want to hurt my feelings? Perhaps they did enjoy the blog. Not everything I write about will be liked. This did give me a time to reflect on this aspect of my writing. For in that, I found a silver lining. Regardless how the criticism made me feel, it was something I needed to hear. I did not doubt myself in my abilities to put words on paper. Writing is in my blood and it consumes me. So I will sort through the tips given, keep what works and tosses what does not. At the end of the day, I will still write.

10 thoughts on “A Facelift of Sorts”

    1. The comments basically said that my writings did not show who I was as a writer and the readers did not get to know me. I am paraphrasing it. They did share links of other blogs for me to look at as examples in all fairness. I will continue to write as you have suggested. It consumes me. 🙂

  1. As I have said to you before, people in glass house should not throw stones, a blog should be a snap shot of who we are at that exact moment. A chance if you will, to pour the contents of you mind into a bowl for others to forage about in. Sharon, this was a greatly entertaining and engaging blog, I for one say more of the same please.

  2. My dear friend, I just got a one star review for a book that has had five stars all along. Not only did she hate my book but she accused all my reviewers as being my friends or never having read a single book in their life. You will get good and bad reviews.

    The upshot is, my writing is not for her. Nothing personal! My kind of writing is not for her. I am too wordy and use too many descriptions. BUT that is the way I write. I love the language.

    Chin up! Keep writing. I will keep posting it. Keep writing! The people who love to share your life will show up. Never give up!

    1. Steve told me about the one star and that just baffled me. Gosh she went all the way out huh? What did you do, kill her goldfish? 🙂 Well I know I needed to hear it for it showed me that this is what I want to do, and it won’t stop me. I did accept the tips they gave me, but kept the ones that made sense and tossed out the ones I could do without. Thank you my friend, you are such a dear. Oh by the way, thank you
      for the use of Steve the last few days as we went back and forth on this post.

  3. Sharon, I know how you feel. My blog, Tales from the Mom-Side, which I am very proud of, got a bad rating from someone on Stumble Upon, but I have no clue why they did so. I can’t improve without knowing what upset them, but I also have to remember that I can’t please everybody. Be true to yourself and what is important to you to write about first; technique is second. For the record, I do enjoy your blog.


    1. You should be proud of it, I know I enjoy reading the posts. I don’t always comment but it is read. Gosh dare I go check out the site, hmm probably not right now.It is so easy to critique someone but unless you give examples to improve and or give a positive comment with it- they are not helping us. Thank you Nancy.

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