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Is everything you write gold?: Ah, no

Not everything we write is good. Cleaning my office recently, I found manuscripts in various states of completion.

No matter how much I want these projects to make it to the end zone, these WIPs are not worthy. I should chuck them into the trashcan, yet I am unable.

Why do we hold on to these? Why does it feel we are giving a part of ourselves into the trash can?

It all started for me when I began writing. Each word was hard-earned. Removing sentences, paragraphs, and more was something I fought my critique group repeatedly.

One night, the group told me I needed to get rid of two complete chapters.

I looked at my friend Lisa. I remembered something she said. If she disagreed with them, she would nod and let it pass.

Taking a page out of her book, I nodded, knowing that there was no way I was getting rid of two whole chapters. My publisher agreed with me.

It takes quite a bit of time and effort to complete a manuscript. It does not always flow. We will go through many revisions before presenting it to a critique group. Issues we will fight against or for as what should stay or go.

To come across a WIP that I know isn’t going anywhere is not always easy to accept. To get rid of a manuscript, regardless of how long or short, is hard for me.

But I know there are at least two I will shred. I have no desire to work on these manuscripts, little time to do so, and frankly, they are crap.